sharing the anthropocene: sharing stories, storying sharing

The OpenSpace Research Centre at The Open University hosts an annual event inspired by the work of Doreen Massey.  This year it’s on 22 March in London and is called ‘Sharing the Anthropocene‘. It has an amazing line-up of speakers, and should win some kind of prize for ‘the most enticing list of paper titles EVER’, the highlight of which for me (as someone who struggles with titles) is “Dude, it’s snowing on my iPhone 8” by Sam Solnick.

It’s building on a range of research going on in OpenSpace on storytelling and environmental change (think stories of all kinds here: by fiction writers, academics, tv programmes, playwrights, filmmakers, scientists, campaigners, journalists, and everything across and inbetween).

You can find the programme here.  The event is free but you need to register.

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