a bibliography for cultural geography on/and the digital – crowdsourced!

My recent request on this blog and on Twitter and Facebook for references to work done by cultural geographers on digital technologies provoked many generous responses from a wide range of geographers, telling me about their work and the work of others. Thankyou! I thought it might be useful to share the resulting bibliography.

Please note: I am sure this is not complete in any way. I’m know some references are  missing; some significant pieces are in the journal special issues that are listed rather than individually named; for some prolific authors, you should go to their websites or blogs for a comprehensive list of their publications.

And of course I haven’t resolved the thorny issue of just who is a ‘cultural geographer’ and who isn’t. My rule of thumb when I started to gather items together is that a paper or a chapter had to discuss ‘culture’, ‘representation’ or ‘meaning’ fairly centrally. However, that’s rather a traditional reading of what cultural geography is about, and one of the things I’m still thinking about as a result of all these studies is just what happens to those concepts when the work of creating representations and meanings is distributed between specific combinations of humans, hardware and software, and across extended networks of their combined agency.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, the list is on a separate page on this blog – click the ‘bibliography’ tab above. Thanks again for all the help putting it together.

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