‘visualising atmospheres’ exhibition

Just a reminder that the exhibition ‘Visualising atmospheres: digital placemaking in the 21st century’ is now on at the Building Centre in London.  The ‘exhibition’ page on this blog has more details.  There’s also a conference at the Building Centre to explore the issues the exhibition raises on 31 August; places are still available and you can register here.  It’s just been confirmed that Joel McKim will open the conference’s plenary session.

exhib flyer

7 thoughts on “‘visualising atmospheres’ exhibition

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  2. Hello!

    I’m reading Feminism and Geography ahead of starting an M Phil at Glamorgan in Writing. I thought you might be interested in my project which is doing the same short walk 365 times and blogging about it. The current post reflects my attempts to understand your analysis of looking at landscape, although I haven’t yet acknowledged that debt as I am not sure I have understood it all correctly and don’t want to smear you with my muddle.

    I have found your book enormously helpful in trying to process and understand what I am actually doing, so, thank you.

    I would love to go to your conference but I’ll have to negotiate childcare on that one with my other half. I’d also love it if I could subscribe to your blog by email as I never look at my wordpress reader. I think it’s quite easy to do if you have the time … ha.


    • Hi Cathy and I’m glad to hear that Feminism and Geography still has some life! It’s twenty years old now and feels very much of its time… good luck with your MPhil.


      • Hi Gillian

        I’m very interested in why I see what I see in landscapes – the shapes and metaphors that my mind constructs. Have you written anything on this more recently? I find F and G very useful because some of the concepts are new to me. It was quoted in Poetry and Geography, a recent anthology from Liverpool University Press edited by Neal Alexander and David Cooper, which is how I found it.

        Cathy x

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