let’s genesis blue sky thinking going forward for key stakeholders

I haven’t been posting on this blog for the past few months as often as I did when I started out.  Mostly because the part of my job which isn’t research has been particularly demanding recently: lots of management – sorry, ‘leadership’, stuff.  So for anyone else in the same position – doing admin work rather than research work – here is something that made me laugh out loud.  It’s a list of management-speak, from the Guardian newspaper last weekend.  The comments below the article are even better.  And my faculty’s brilliant Senior Administrator let slip another one yesterday: ‘to genesis’, a verb meaning ‘to originate’, as in ‘if you genesis that report I will revise it’.

The article is also a good example of the Guardian‘s need to locate a photo – any photo, no matter how weakly related to the news story – to head up each of its articles.  An example of the sort of ubiquitous photo that Martin Hand’s recent book discusses, and also an example of how interviewing viewers of that page might not be the best method to address the effect of that sort of photo.  What on earth is there to say about it, after all?

And here, then, is an image from BishopBlog that is entirely unrelated to the fantastically enlivening ways in which I have been spending my time not doing research, or blogging, for the past few months, with my actually very lively and wonderful OU colleagues.


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