academics and visual social media


Thanks to David Beer’s great blog, I came across this post by sociologist Deborah Lupton, called ‘Social media for academia: some things I have learnt’.  What caught my attention was her use of Pinterest and Storify to collate visual as well as written materials relevant to her research; she also uses Slideshare to make powerpoint presentations public.  Prezi doesn’t appear in her list, perhaps because it’s not a form of social media; but you can make Prezis public to share them.  I have a plan to develop a public Prezi as part of my current research project.  And, like David, Deborah’s enthusiasm has had the effect of making me seriously consider starting with Twitter…

The other aspect of Deborah’s post that I found really interesting was her sense that her use of various social media were carefully integrated in relation to each other.  Facebook does one thing, Twitter another and Pinterest a third; and she manages each to build a dispersed portfolio of online activity that gives her a rounded presence.  I’d love to experiment, as Deborah did for a year, with all these sites and more, as a way of engaging with the ‘ubiquitous photography’ that saturates all these sites (the phrase ‘ubiquitous photography’ is Martin Hand’s, from his book of the same name).

2 thoughts on “academics and visual social media

  1. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with, Gillian. And do look into Twitter – I just tweeted your post and it’s already been retweeted by five others! It’s a great way of sharing information and making connections with like-minded academics and others.

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