third international visual methods conference

I just received this from Sara Kindon.  No website for the conference yet, but there are contact emails below.

3rd International Visual Methods Conference (IVM III) 2013: Visual Methods in Mediated Environments: Connecting Diverse Worlds

Victoria University of Wellington in conjunction with Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand
First week of September, 2013 (final dates to be confirmed in late January)
What happens when we use visual methods in different ways, in different spaces?

We warmly invite researchers, artists, scientists, educators, curators, designers and producers from academia, public sector organisations, industry, Indigenous/Aboriginal and community organisations, not-for-profit, and art practice organisations into the conference space.

We are initially seeking proposals for activities that will engage the conference title, question and location, and stimulate creative collaborations between individuals, collectives and institutions which cross cultural, disciplinary, sectoral and/or geographic boundaries.

Proposals may take different forms: workshops, exhibitions, screenings, ephemeral pieces, temporary sculptures, mediated 3D presentations, mash-ups, ʻinfotainmentʼ-style presentations, static 2D designs or field-trips (but not limited to these suggestions). Selection will be influenced by: an acknowledgement of the bi-cultural status of Aotearoa/New Zealand, its deep connection to Pacific Island states, availability of resources, environmental and/or social impact. Preference will be given to individuals/teams that will also be presenting a paper within the academic core of the conference. A separate call for academic papers/panels investigating Visual Methods on the conference theme(s) will be sent out in mid-January.

Proposals and paper abstracts will be due 28 February 2013.

A broad cross-faculty/inter-institutional panel will be involved with selection and all proposals/abstracts will receive feedback, whether accepted into the conference programme or not. This feedback will be sent by 31 March 2013.

Details of dates, venues, registration rates (including subsidies for PhD students and low- income/community/n-f-p participants), keynote speakers and draft programme will be available with the launch of the conference website in early February 2013. (Early-bird registration is expected to close in early July).

For more information contact:
Sara Kindon or Geoff Hume-Cook

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