The Artist – surely some mistake?

I went to see a movie last weekend, the much hyped The Artist.  It was charming, though not quite the earth-shattering cinematic experience the hype had led to me to believe.  I would like to point out, though, that there’s a mistake in the title.  Shouldn’t it be The Artists, plural, since the film rests in large part on the relationship between two film stars?  And I for one was as much interested in the rising star as the star in decline…  still, at least the film didn’t end with the two of them kissing…

It seems that men are very much centre stage in the bits of visual culture I’ve got to see over the past few weeks.  Some television, a couple more movies, a couple of art exhibitions.  All focussed on men – men as artist, men as genius, men as spectacle (the first two Twilight films, for example, as well as The Artist) – a point made by this piece in The Guardian, about two very popular UK tv shows with male heroes, Dr Who and Sherlock Holmes.  Hmmph.

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