Visual Methodologies 3 has arrived!

Still stuck for that last-minute festive gift?  Then why not give the social scientist in your life…

Oh, ok, I’m kidding.  But it has definitely arrived: the third edition of Visual Methdologies is now available.  The opening chapter’s discussion of theorisations of visual culture has been thoroughly reworked and now discusses things digital and affective; there’s lots of new examples throughout the book, plus much more discussion of using visual images as part of your research method; and it’s also now in colour.  I hope it’s as useful as the previous one seems to have been.

And not only is there a book, this time there’s a website too, which you can find at  The website has lots of resources both for finding images and for working with them, and I’m going to refresh it every so often – so if you know of a good resource it should list, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Visual Methodologies 3 has arrived!

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